Build A Plane

Dec 6, 2021

The James Kane Foundation was part of a new project launched in October 2019 which gave young people from local schools an opportunity to build a Sherwood Scout plane, and then fly it. Taking place in the Maze, Long Kesh, the project brought together the Education Authority, the Royal Airforce and a number of local and international aerospace companies and funders, including the James Kane Foundation.

Around 50 local young people from Shared Education partnerships took part. They were involved in the build, working with Queens University Belfast on flight simulators, visiting and gaining work experience with industry and developing skills involved in promotion of the project.

The project took place at the Ulster Aviation Society (UAS) at the Maze, Long Kesh. The project aimed to develop wider ‘life skills’ such as team work, leadership, commitment to a project and project management, time management and communication.

Due to Covid 19, the project was interrupted half way through. It is expected to resume in 2022.