Go Bezerk Coding Initiative

Jul 6, 2023

Lough Road Learning Centre, a EOTAS (Education Other Than At School) setting, hit the news in April 2022 when seven of their pupils completed coding certificates with Go Bezerk and Stranmillis College.

Go Berserk are a local company who have created world class, multi-award-winning resources for schools and colleges. In recent years they have won over 15 awards and are sponsored by most of the major IT companies based in Northern Ireland – Allstate, Capita, Fujitsu, Liberty IT, Kainos and others.

At the heart of Go Berserk is a strong desire to help children, young people and teachers to gain the much needed and greatly desired digital skills, especially relating to web development and learning to code.

Since the success of that initial pilot in 2022, the EOTAS centres have been working with OCNNI and their external verifiers to aligned the Go Berserk programme to cover the Assessment Criteria (ACs) for two modules in IT Applications Level 2. 

Through funding from The James Kane Foundation, the Go Bezerk resources will be provided to all 27 EOTAS centres in Northern Ireland, for teachers and pupils, allowing over 120 young people to complete the coding certificate and to allow teachers in all the centres to upskill and become more confident in teaching digital skills.

Image credit: Stranmillis College “Six students from Lough Road Learning Centre in Lurgan visited Stranmillis University College on Monday 11 April, to be awarded Certificates for completing a course in HTML web design and coding using the Go Berserk resources created by Stranmillis lecturer Ian Simons. The course was delivered as part of a joint initiative between Stranmillis and St Mary’s University Colleges.”