Jan 10, 2022


The SisterIn Project officially launched in June 2019. Initiated by Assumption Grammar School, the aim of the programme is to foster leadership qualities and confidence amongst their sixth form girls. The project aims to readdress the imbalance of women in leadership roles, particularly in sectors such as STEM, Construction and Engineering, Politics and Financial Services.

The James Kane Foundation provided funding to help develop the programme further by supporting expert consultants to produce a Business Plan, following a successful pilot scheme which ran from September 2019 until September 2020. The Business Plan sought to provide a framework for the SistersIN programme to be rolled out to other schools in Northern Ireland, and further afield.

The SistersIN Programme allows girls from post primary schools to:

  • Gain exposure to inspiring female leaders in a wide range of professions, who are making a real difference in the workplace and beyond
  • Participate in shadowing with local, national and global companies and organisations
  • Connect with a mentor who was able to guide the pupil in their pursuit of leadership
  • Teach pupils how to network and develop a professional social media identity.

    To date (2022) the SistersIN Programme has now been rolled out to ten schools across Northern Ireland.

Recently the Foundation has also supported the development of standardised SistersIN toolkits, that are provided to participating schools so each have a consistent approach to the delivery of the programme, and to reduce the cost implications involved.