The James Kane Foundation University Scholarships

Jul 6, 2023

This year The James Kane Foundation are supporting a new scholarship programme for University students. This award is for £2,000 per year up to a maximum of three years. We’re thrilled to announce the first two recipients!

The Scholarship Coordinator for Supporting Communities, Stephen Marks, who are managing the scholarships on behalf of the Foundation said: “Funding like this can be the difference for someone attending and not attending university. The whole purpose is to help remove some of the barriers to learning and to ensure these hardworking young people are not left behind”.

Tara O’Hagan of St. Ronan’s College was awarded a scholarship to pursue Computer Science at Queen’s University Belfast. With a lifelong fascination with computer technologies and
their societal impacts, Tara is thrilled to further her studies. Her high achievement in A-Level Digital Technology exhibits strong coding and website development skills. Tara has also demonstrated exceptional problem-solving and time management by juggling academics, work, and hobbies. Her technological pursuits have stoked her excitement to continue expanding her computer science knowledge.

Aidan Reilly of Lismore Comprehensive School is off to study Physics at Queen’s University this year. A gifted musician who has mastered piano up to Grade 5 level, Aidan impressively balances his artistic talents with a passion for science. His analytical thinking, logic, and knack for solving problems make him well-suited to excel in physics. Aidan has also shown great leadership as a STEM Ambassador for his school, guiding younger students in hands-on science activities.

Despite being registered partially sighted and diagnosed with ASD, Aidan has persevered to achieve top grades and a strong school attendance record. Aidan now looks forward to applying his well-rounded abilities and determination to achieve success in physics research.

On behalf of all the Trustees of The James Kane Foundation, we want to wish Tara and Aidan success in their studies.